“Rachel & Billy”

by Bob Dienst  (a.k.a. Uncle Bob)

©  oil on canvas, 24” x 24”  (Nov. 23, 2018) 


a.k.a.  “Joy Incarnate” or  “Smoldering Love”


      What can you say about a young wonderful couple just starting out their married life together.  With these two, “Wowee, wow, wow, wow!”  In this day and age of much chaos and hatred, natural and un-natural disasters, Ray and Billy are the opposite. They are “The Light” – they are beacons showing how their light, their goodness, their joy and love can overcome darkness in this mixed up world. They are role models for honesty, kindness, respect, hard work, dedication, commitment, and love.  Call them “stealth super-heroes.”  All is missing is their capes.

       They got  married on what retailers call “Black Friday” on  Nov. 23, 2018. Their Wedding Day --  shouldn’t be called ‘Black Friday’ it should be called “Light Friday”  --  is was/is a true celebration of light, joy and love that Ray and Billy share.

In painting this piece, I’m wanted to present a “Norman Rockwell” approach, that of a happy/joyful moment, a throwback to the illustrations that Rockwell created  for the Saturday Evening Post between 1916 and 1963. Call this painting a quick reminder of normalcy and kindness for one another.  And I just painted what I saw from a recent photo of them.

        The pink afterglow surrounding them is their hot passionate love for each other. They do smolder a bit. They have found true joy, and may they continue to find joy again and again.