"Constance Meccarello-Gerson"

                         oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches, © 2017 by Bob Dienst

       ( Get her new book, "Murder at Hassle High" at www.Amazon.com, it's a page turner!)


Give that very unique gift that no one will be expecting... a Gift Certificate for an Original Oil Portrait by Artist Bob!



Price  is $1,100 plus tax (or $1,170.81, if you live in Albuquerque, NM, and can hand pick it up, and it is unframed. For Out-Of-Towners: shipping is extra, $85, so that's a total of $1,255.82.  

     Artist Bob requires a 50% Deposit up front. 

Repeat clients, FSC Alumni or FSC Vagabonds, any Sig Ep fraternity member, or theatre/film actor anywhere gets a portrait for $1000 plus tax ($1064.38, & this does not include the $85 shipping. )


You supply the photo and send Artist Bob the above money amount (the 50% deposit) and give Bob about two months to finish your portrait from start to finish. First come, first served.

As of now (July 24, 2020) there is one portrait and one landscape ahead of you, so right now there is about a three month waiting period.

So, you can now order an original oil portrait GIFT CERTIFICATE for your special someone!  This is the gift certificate's value, everything your friend will need (except maybe a wood frame, but the art is suitable for hanging by itself).  The support is of the finest quality: a wood panel covered with Belgian Linen -- See the page about this. 

Contact Artist Bob now for how to order this gift certificate. 

Portraiture is a process. Upon completion of painting you will be sent a digital photograph of the final art.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If not, Artist Bob will return half of the deposit upon the return of the artwork to him. This has never happened yet. Artist Bob reserves the right on type and size of canvas, depending on the subject -- could be a 12" x 16", 16" x 20", or 18" x 24".   

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Here's an oil portrait that was taken from a scratched up Black and White 1964 photo (about 2 by 3 inches) :